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My artworks look to a past where things were much simpler and decent, perhaps this view is through rose tinted glasses, perhaps life has always been the same, let us say my artwork looks to a future utopia, or a utopia that is not affected by time indeed.

'Playfully polemical'

My approach as an artist is to take up a process of using base philosophical concepts within mixed media painting and sculpture to convey my ideas. I have taken to a conceptual style which is playfully polemical and involves a great concern with aesthetics and materials but also deals with philosophical questions, contemporary media, and the nature and ongoing history of society.

Each piece has its own theme reflecting certain traits of the human condition, such as subversion, truth, religion, mans effect on the environment.

'May the Public Burn all their Money'

It is the job of the avante garde to keep abreast of reality. It is not my intention to give speeches for others to learn from. I take a back seat and simply offer the public to make up their own mind and to promote discussion and thought. They say the artistic medium of painting is a dying trade, but that makes it all the more romantic which inspires the dominant feelings of love and hate and therefore fundamental to our existence. If there is to be critique of ignorance, then I welcome it. Amongst the media there is tremendous plurality of information and the perception of that information so it wouldn't be proper for any of my artworks to be so pompous as to not involve said ignorance. I'm not here to say what is black and white but I suggest the public burn all their money. They can always borrow some or print some more.

'Swedish cheerleaders'

My influences are Swedish cheerleaders, jodhpurs, The Butthole Surfers, Berlin Dada, Kafka, apple crumble, fags and pints, fine whisky, tweed jackets, and smoking pipes.

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