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Stuart John Peiter Brough - Art

Feedback on Brough:

"Brough's art is a mean left hook in boxing terms" - Tracy Emin - Royal Academy Summer Show 2011

"An enigma with a beard" - James V Reeves - Omni-present - Omni-time!

"That's not art Mummy, that's not art!" - little boy (aged 9 probably) - the Monkey Cage Gallery - 2011

"Brough's all business up front, party round the back" - Billy Childish - Reeves Industrial Yard - filming on location at Tim's smithy workshop - 'Capitalist Crucifix' - 2010

"I refuse to give you a quote on your artwork" - Damien Hirst - the web - 2012

"like a velvet glove filled with coal, like a laced thong worn the wrong way round, Brough has surely sold his soul, from idle pennies to filthy pounds." - Clement Greenberg - commenting on his sell out show at Arch Gallery - London - 2011

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